Apparently in Hollywood, if you were born with a big noggin, you were born with a big face, and therefore look better on camera than those of average face/head proportions. In Skyler Samuels’ case, she’s got a big head in all the best ways.


THOUGH HER PARENTS did not exactly approve (and though Skyler did not exactly know why herself) at seven years old she decided that she wanted to be in the movies. Luckily for the 20 year old LA-native, her first gig was far from being a Gerber baby. Instead, when Jamie Spears didn’t show up to interview the Harry Potter kids on Skyler’s mother’s talk show, rather than canceling the show, Mrs. Samuels signed her own daughter up for the job an hour before roll time. Lucky for Sky, but even luckier for her mother, Skyler – with unshakable eloquence in front of anything, especially a camera – greeted a ten-year old Daniel Radcliffe with a high-five and rhetoric beyond her years.

Sky has been on a roll ever since, stopping only occasionally to ace all her classes at Stanford. Baby Skyler can be seen in multiple Disney Channel shows (favorites include her role as Ashley Blake on Drake and Josh). At seventeen, she starred in her own series on ABC and, after a chance meeting on a plane to LA, bossed Kanye West as his personal career consultant. Just recently, Sky shot The Duff with co-stars Bella Thorne and Arrested Development’s Mae Whitman (“her?”), to be out in theaters soon.

This Fall, Skyler heads to Paris with Bing Overseas, but only until she is called back to La-La-Land to start on her next big project. Anyone who knows Skyler will admit that, though some say her job requires her to “simply” know the angles of her face, the girl speaks with the rare intelligence and grounded thoughtfulness of someone who grew up quickly. I personally hope that her next big project brings her full circle — someone like Skyler needs her own talk show. And not only because of her bold, husky voice and charming tendency to talk big ideas, but because Skyler Samuels has some fantastic stories to tell.

We raided Sky’s closet and hit the jackpot at a few thrift stores in San Francisco’s Haight to put together these looks. We wanted to show you how you can mix old with new, to put together some killer outfits. These days, we really like black and white prints, chunky shoes (like the platform wedges Sky wears in her daytime look) and midi-skirts for evenings out. All outfits in this photo-shoot were modeled by Skyler and then worn to class and by the Pulse Team. Hope you enjoy.