OUR FIRST FALL EDITORIAL was inspired by LoMo. When you meet this charming creature, she’ll have you feeling some type of way. Her bold fashion choices always manage to be appropriate for the season with a touch of the unexpected. We’re focusing on pulling together some warmer tones, and bolder lips and chunky sweaters. These pieces can all be layered to your satisfaction, whether you’re on campus, studying abroad in Oxford or just hanging out with friends.

Instead of putting together a usual write up about our models, we were inspired by LoMo’s blog, This Is Motown and asked her to tell our PULSE readers about her self, in true LoMo fashion. So here you have it..

Call me LoMo. Or Motown. Whichever you prefer.

Here are a few facts about me:

When I’m not riding the Marguerite, you can find me experimenting in the lipstick aisle of your local drugstore, only to ultimately buy the same shade (Rimmel London #11). My dream job is to review restaurants around the world, but perusing Bitches Who Brunch or The Immaculate Infatuation will do until I make it big. As for now though, I’ve been spending a lot of my time on this little blog of mine, titled This is Motown.

I originally started my blog because a cute guy in high school said he would follow it if I made one. But it wasn’t until New Year’s Eve of freshman year that I decided on a whim to actually publish my first post of ThisIsMotown. It was almost kind of like the beginning of a new me, as cheesy as it sounds. So when I came back winter quarter, I would pester my dorm mates or even random people on the sidewalk to take my picture on my crappy iPhone camera – those amateur photographers were the real MVPs. Over the course of two years, my blog has thankfully transformed from being narcissism at its finest to spreading awareness of fashion brands that are dedicated to social justice causes. Now, I love to feature companies, and the teams behind them, that are benefitting people’s lives through fashion; and through my platform, I hope I can change how others see and participate in the fashion world too. By the way, I’m pretty sure Cutie from High School doesn’t follow me, but hey, at least I’ve got my own thing goin’ on.

As much as I love pops of color and pairing  graphic prints, my closet definitely favors blacks or darker tones. I keep my denim count to a minimum, I am not a “jeans and tee” girl in the slightest. I consider cheetah a neutral now. My obsession with cheetah print is borderline dizzying, but on the bright side, I’m now an honorary Cheetah Girl member.

Studs, lace, tulle, I’ll don it all. A once ring freak, I now gravitate toward minimalistic and dainty jewelry. My go-to outfits are jumpsuits with Studio 54-esque platforms, and a swipe of maroon lipstick. As strange as it sounds, my hair has influenced my style over the years. After realizing I’ll never have pin straight locks and embracing my natural texture, I feel I can be a lot more daring and pull certain looks off with more confidence. But, because of my hair, I always have to make sure I don’t wear anything too neon or else someone might mistake me for a 80s dance show reject.

When school is over, I have to do something creative – no STEM for me, sorry. Something that allows me to travel and collaborate with groups of people. Although I could see myself in an art gallery or being an administrator museum, in truth.. but hey, I’ve got time..


P.S. If you ever need someone to kill a bottle of red wine with, you know who to call.