NEXT TIME you’re in a room full of people, turn to your left. You’ll probably see someone wearing a pair of sleek black cropped leggings emblazoned with the classic Nike swoosh. Turn to your right. Your eyes are likely blinded by a muscle shirt, screaming at you to be a warrior in silver letters. No, we are not psychics. We are just well-attuned to a growing trend in fashion – where fitness is chic and a stylish pair of sneakers is more fashionable than a designer handbag. Now that it’s spring, it seems like everyone’s caught the fitness bug to get in shape for all those dartys, so you’re going to see many more kids running around campus in sportswear. Try mixing and matching your tanks, and add a bit of color to welcome the new quarter as campus comes alive. The sporty chic trend is going to be ever so present on Stanford campus, so start thinking about how to turn sweats into a cute outfit. Who knows, you may even make it to the gym…

Photography by: Mason Smith


Sophie has been dabbling in the fitness trend for a while. At age ten, she began modeling for elite fashion brands, walking for innovate designers, and shooting with famous photographers. But the coveted fashion week tour – Paris, London and Milan – she had always dreamed of came at a price she wasn’t willing to pay. An athlete at heart, Sophie was not prepared to give up the track for the runway or sneakers for heels. Her agents in Paris emphasized one thing: forget your healthy lifestyle — be skinny or go home. So instead of walking runway, Sophie decided to walk away.

She wasn’t out of a job for long, though. Her negative experience with her modeling agents steered her towards an ironic conquest: Nike.“The next thing I knew, I was drowning in medium sample-sized running shorts and a graphic tee that read ‘Just Do It.’ The lights went down and I shook as I gazed out at a crowd of five hundred people,” Sophie says. “The ‘JDI’ mentality has become engrained in my identity and I’ve proudly filled the medium sample size by defying the advice of the Parisian agents and joining the strong army of Nike Women.”

Sophie is a shining example of our fashion-forward fitness world. Even the modeling world is beginning to take note of it. “The industry is shifting in such a way that now people are interested in more than just a model’s image,” she explains. “I think this shift creates a unique opportunity for models to influence young woman in a positive way – by showing the industry that we won’t starve ourselves or change our lifestyles to accommodate unrealistic beauty standards.” She pauses. “We still have a long way to go…but I’m just so excited to be a part of it all.”

By: Kim Wijaya