WE’VE ALL HEARD of Brexit in the abstract, but what are the Brits at Stanford actually getting up to in their everyday lives? That’s right! Frolicking at Lake Lag, eating Crunchie Bars (read: the best chocolate bars you will ever taste – available at Tesco’s, Asda and Poundland among other retailers), and lying in bed to avoid all other responsibilities. These moments have been captured with a single compact digital camera for your viewing pleasure. No fancy lens required. What’s a stylist? Tea and crumpets please. Cheers! xoxo

Note from the Editor: This is our first of many Guest Editorials created by John Liu. Check out his bio below! 


Friends of John Liu will attest that he is a character. Witty, unexpected, always down for a good time, he breaks all stereotypes of the British stiff upper lip – save for his sassy sarcasm. “When I first came to America I had to try really hard to make sure people knew I was being sarcastic, and not just a complete downer.”

Hailing from Stratford-upon-Avon in the UK (shoutout to Shakespeare), John describes his style as “an eclectic mess.” With experiences all over the board, from being on a Disney Channel show, to founding his own baking business, to being a singer-songwriter, perhaps we’ll drop the mess and go with simply “eclectic”.

Thank you to our Brexit models:

Heather Louden – Glasgow, Scotland
Erin Barry – Bushmill, Northern Ireland
Grace Taylor – Everton, England
George Horrell – Teddington, England
Mimi El-Khazindar & Anna Usadi – London, England