PULSE MAGAZINE IS excited to reveal Touch of Grey, a collaboration with designer Jeremy Quezada’s label The House of Germane. The Touch of Grey collection arose amidst a season of seismic political change; combining the label’s characteristic homage to art-historical motifs with attention to that context, the jackets offer their zealous response. Anger, reassurance: words, hand-painted, red and black, give voice to emotions. As fashion reflects society, Touch of Grey stands as an aesthetic monument to its time.


Founded in 2015 by designer Jeremy Quezada, The House of Germane is an avant-garde fashion label devoted to the art of distilling the contemporary moment into clothing. Fiction and non-fiction, fashion, art, politics; each collection is inspired by an amalgam of cultural sources. Through regular collections and exclusive, limited-edition collections of hand painted clothing, The House of Germane aims to create a platform for contemporary designers and artists to create and communicate their art globally.

Check out The House of Germane website here and make sure to follow them on Instagram to keep up to date on their latest designs!

Photography: James Schull
Styling: Maxine Stern
Thank you to our models: Midas Kwant, Hamzeh Daoud, Heejoo Ko & Elijah Ndoumbe