EQUESTRIAN STYLE HAS long gone beyond just the leather knee-high boots we’ve all been coveting for years. From sharp, preppy collars to high-waisted riding-inspired pants, equestrian fashion has made its way into our wardrobe must-haves. The classic look has been a strong influence on a range of fashion campaigns from Chanel’s mid 1900s perfume ads to more recent editorial spreads in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. With its impressive balance of posh practicality and stylistic grace, the royal euro style is the epitome of modern minimalism. Stanford Red Barn’s white board fences and rustic elegance make it the perfect location to explore the state of equestrian fashion.

Sofia Patino-Duque, a new rider for Stanford’s competitive English team,  leads us through the barn and training centers. Sofia’s Colombian roots and New York upbringing contribute to her fierce energy and positive attitude. In addition to her riding, Sofia hopes to apply her worldly perspective and work at the United Nations. Meeting Sofia inspired us to create an editorial inspired by equestrian style.


By: Autumn Greco

Photography by: Kelli Santos