The Coupa Cafes at engineering quad and Green are great options for grabbing a quick bite and coffee, but consider heading to the Coupa by the golf course to set up shop for the day and look out onto the picturesque view. It’s a nice change of scenery, and has a very spacious inside. The only downside, however, is that the menu is more limited than the other Coupa menus found across Stanford.

Munch: The breakfast burrito. Sip: Almond latté, cold brew or mimosas on the weekend!. Best seat in the house: One of the wooden tables outside. Crowd: Quiet. Bike time from Tressider: 9 minutes.



The Arbuckle Dining Pavilion is a grad student favorite. It has the most options out of any of the on-campus locations featured on this list. It lies at the heart of the GSB, and is surrounded with outdoor dining tables, perfect for a sunny day. The inside is spacious. All in all, it’s a great spot to get some quality food and engage in some people watching.

Munch: Rotating options, try the salad bar or the free market grill. Sip: Lots of good brand options (and one of the few places that serves Coca Cola, not Pepsi!). Best seat: Outside when sunny. Crowd: Always busy, but the lines move quickly! Bike time from Tressider: 3 minutes.


Lathrop Cafe is located in the basement of Lathrop, under the 24-hr study room. It’s the perfect space to grab lunch while finishing a problem set thanks to the spacious table options. Meet a friend for a quick bite in between classes, or isolate yourself in one of the comfortable pod-like seats.

Munch: The croissants or the veggie pizza. Sip: An espresso or one of the many juices. Best seat: The pod seats. Crowd: Mildly busy. Bike time from Tressider: 2 minutes.


Ray’s Grill is very similar to TreeHouse, which isn’t surprising considering the two actually have the same owner. Ray’s is located at the cusp of Escondido Village and is a staple for residents in Mirrielees, Rains, and beyond. It has almost all of the same offerings as TreeHouse, but is less busy and even has a great outdoor seating option.

Munch: The teriyaki chicken bowl or the cheese fries. Sip: The mango lassi. Best seat: Out front by Escondido Road. Crowd: Quiet. Bike time from Tressider: 4 minutes


Russo Cafe is across from Munger Market in the Rehnquist Courtyard. Highly frequented by graduate students and easily missed by undergraduates strolling past, this campus food spot has a variety of options that rotate daily and is conveniently located for east campus folks. The best part? It takes meal plan dollars!

Munch: The grilled chicken sandwich or the chef’s dish of the day. Sip: Lemon waterBest seat: Outside, under the palm trees. Crowd: Mildly busy. Bike time from Tressider: 3 minutes.


A hidden oasis between the med school and the Stanford Hospital, Tootsie’s is a charming option that’s on the edge of campus, but still feels far away from Stanford’s hustle and bustle. We recommend heading to Tootsie’s for a delicious brunch with your friends, or stopping by in the early AM before classes to grab a pastry (they sell out fast!).

Munch: Bombolini for breakfast on weekends, and the Porchetta sandwich for any other visit. Sip: A great selection of coffees and teas. Best seat: Outside! It’s spring quarter, guys! Crowd: Usually busy, expect slow service. Bike time from Tressider: 7 minutes.

By: Margaux Giles
Photography By: Kelli Santos