WE’VE ALL seen the billboards: a stunningly shot landscape photo, a minimal white border framing the scenic picture, and the words ‘Shot on iPhone’ boldly displayed underneath in Apple’s instantly recognizable font. Here, the message of Apple’s marketing campaign is clear   if you buy the latest iPhone, you too can take pictures as incredible as this.

With each iteration of the iPhone improving on its camera quality, many traditional camera companies, like Canon and Nikon, have felt their sales nosedive. Of course, this is hardly surprising. Instead of having to purchase another small digital device to take high-quality photos, the average consumer can now just use their iPhone  the contraption that lives in our pockets and is never more than an arm’s length away. As professional photographer Chase Jarvis puts it, “the best camera is the one that’s with you”. The iPhone has then, in a sense, democratized the role of photographer. While the campaign is somewhat misleading  the iPhone photos featured on billboards are taken by professional photographers  the tools they use are no more professional than any old iPhone.

In this way, Apple’s marketing campaign does not just reach out to the average person who wants to take a photo of their dog and upload it onto social media. It also calls out to the inner shutterbug lying dormant in all of us. Apple hence creates this ‘anyone can do it’ attitude that is broadly appealing. Expensive, bulky cameras and lenses are no longer barriers to taking beautiful shots. The iPhone does it all. Taking into account, the hundreds of apps available to use, we can can edit images to our liking within seconds. Some can even do away with Photoshop and other photo editing software, because those too someday may be obsolete as we continue to live and create via our phones.

Marc Joshua, Class of ’20

Rhys De Sota, Class of ’21

By: Paolo Vera

Photography by: Jordan Barry, edited using VSCO preset A2

Thanks to Marc Joshua and Rhys De Sota for modeling in a PULSE favourite, the Canadian tuxedo.