ON FRIDAY, MAY 25, Columbae and Stanford Concert Network collaborated to put on the “Fuck the Man” concert event on Columbae’s front porch, with performances by Doja Cat (not pictured) and Taylor Bennett. Although not quite the household name as his older brother, Chance the Rapper, Bennett has come into his own as a hip-hop artist. Bennett grew up in Chicago, noting the surroundings of his upbringing to be formative to his music and style. He’s most known for his album Broad Shoulders, and recently released Restoration of an American Idol.

During the show, Bennett’s natural charisma and natural stage presence created an intimate feel with the audience. Bennett paused between songs to make jokes, talk about his journey as an artist, and most recently his decision to come out as bisexual. Quickly formed was a lively atmosphere, perfectly topped off by Bennett inviting students onto the stage to dance with him. Overall, Taylor Bennett’s unique performance style and humble presence onstage made for a wonderful “Fuck the Man.”

Written and photographed by: Alessandra Diaz

Edited by: Caroline Moon


PULSE Magazine thanks Stanford Concert Network for bringing awesome artists to the Stanford bubble.