IT’S THAT TIME of year again. If you’re a frosh, you’ve probably met your new roommate (that first conversation might have been a bit awkward but, don’t worry, you’ll grow on each other), made plans to hike the Dish and get boba, and seen for yourself that, yes, there really are palm trees everywhere.

Welcome to Stanford! Now that you’re here, we thought we’d let you in on a few of the Farm’s better kept secrets. This list isn’t exhaustive, but we think it’s a good start to feeling at home on campus.

1. Hang at the pool
It’s great to be (back) on campus but, let’s be real, we’re not quite ready for summer to end yet. Bring a pair of sunnies and a towel and have one more beach day before the school year starts.

2. Get a sandwich at Ike’s
Tucked away in the McMurtry Building, this casual joint features an impressive menu of subs (and with vegetarian/vegan options). Be sure to try their “dirty sauce.”

3. Get a mint mojito at Philz Coffee
Yes, we know NSO is dry. Sip on this non-alcoholic drink (or any of Philz’s other beverages) and spend some time people-watching at a café frequented by Sheryl Sandberg, Zuck and other Silicon Valley VIPs.

4. Get snacks at Munger Market
Located inside the graduate student residence, this grocery mart offers a simple selection of produce as well as some bougie snacks. Best of all, they accept meal plan dollars! While the sun’s shining, have yourself a picnic right outside on Wilbur Field.

5. Check out a baseball game or women’s lacrosse or beach volleyball
Fall isn’t just football season! Come out to cheer on your fellow students in their opening games. Admissions are free for Stanford students, just bring your ID card.

6. Meditate at Windhover
Located next to Roble Hall, Windhover is a place designed for contemplation. The attention to detail in the center’s architectural elements, landscaping, and sculptural components all together make this a unique space on campus.

7. Go to the Anderson
Thanks to its many generous donors, Stanford has quite the collection of modern and contemporary American. We even have a Jackson Pollock. And did we mention that admission is free?!

8. Join the Stanford meme group
Since its creation in 2016, Stanford Memes for Edgy Trees now has more than 25,000 mem(b)ers. Focused on campus events and often also on Bay Area/startup culture, the group in its own way articulates who Stanford students are. And, yeah, the memes are funny.

9. Get Arrillaga or Lag late night
TAP might be the go-to after a football game or frat party, but these two dining halls serve breakfast burritos. Definitely a game-changer.

10. Go to the Bender Room
Finding it might be a bit of challenge but, trust us, the view will be worth it. Located on the fifth floor of Green Library’s Bing Wing and overlooking the Quad and the hills behind Stanford, the Bender Room is one of most popular spots to study on campus. Read or nap here before the quarter starts—and all the seats are taken.


By Cindy Kuang