IF YOU’VE EVER walked past Tresidder on a Tuesday afternoon, you’ve probably noticed the abundance of red tents scattered across the patio: the Stanford Farmers’ Market! Filled with fresh produce and merchandise from local vendors, the market is the perfect on-campus place for students to get a taste of the California lifestyle.

Hummus Heaven

What they sell: Homemade hummus by the container

Price range: $5 – $7

Come here if: You’re searching for a savory, healthy snack.

Il Biscotto

What they sell: Homemade Italian biscotti, cannoli, and tiramisu

Price range: $5 – $6

Come here if: Your dentist says it’s okay and your sweet tooth is ready to be conquered.

Orchard Natural

What they sell: Dried fruits, fruit chips, and fruit candy

Price range: $2 – $6

Come here if: You need something to chew on while you fight through that essay!


Jaden’s Kettle Corn

What they sell: Freshly-popped kettle and caramel corn

Price range: $5 – $7

Come here if: You want to feel like you’re at the movies—only sweeter and fresher!

Cool Jams

What they sell: Homemade jams by the jar

Price range: $4 – $8

Come here if: Dining hall jam just isn’t cutting it for you anymore.


The Giving Pies

What they sell: Small pies with flavors like pecan, lemon blueberry, and pineapple

Price range: $2 – $5

Come here if: You could eat pastries any time of day. They also have gluten-free options!

Medina Berry’s Farms

What they sell: Strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries

Price range: $6 – $12

Come here if: Branner Dining berries just aren’t enough for you anymore. Buy these by the container.

Rojas Family Farms

What they sell: Oranges, pomelos, blueberries, and cherries

Price range: $2 – $8

Come here if: You’ve been dying to taste those famous California fruits you’ve heard so much about. Buy these by the pound.

India Gourmet

What they sell: Naan wraps, rice bowls, and combo plates

Price range: $10 – $15

Come here if: You love spice more than the Spice Girls themselves.


Cross Hatch Eatery

What they sell: Bao buns and sliders, from savory pork belly to sweet s’mores buns

Price range: $4 – $10

Come here if: You’re willing to introduce Asian food other than Panda Express into your diet.

Thai Street Food

What they sell: Thai tacos, Thai sticks, Thai iced tea

Price range: $4 – $7

Come here if: You appreciate good Thai food and aren’t afraid to get a little carnivorous.


Delicious Delights

What they sell: Falafel plates and balls

Price range: $10 – $13

Come here if: You want some great vegetarian options or you’re like me and just love falafel.

The Season of Us

What they sell: Free relaxing jazz music for all market attendees, CDs of their music

Price range: One CD for $12

Come here if: You aren’t embarrassed to sway along to some soothing tunes on a sunny Tuesday afternoon.

By: Felicia Hou

Photography By: Cathy Wang