Maybe you’re a freshman and you want to knock some requirements out of the way before committing to a major. Maybe you’re a senior and you applied to graduate, only to get the dreaded email that you’re missing 2 units of Formal Reasoning. Maybe you’re neither, we don’t know. But we do know that if you’re a student here, this list will help make your life easier when it comes to hitting that 12 unit minimum with time to spare for Camp Stanford.

Here are some of the most painless ways to fulfill even the most finicky of WAYS.

Aesthetic and Interpretive Inquiry (A-II) – (2 courses)

  • ENGLISH 90/91/92 (A/W/S): Creative Fiction; Creative Non-Fiction; Reading and Writing Poetry
  • HISTORY 40A (A): The Scientific Revolution
  • MUSIC 1A (W): Music, Mind and Behaviour
  • GERMAN 88 (S): Germany in 5 Words
  • CLASSICS 34 (W): Ancient Athletics

Applied Quantitative Reasoning (AQR) – (1 course)

  • PSYCH 10 (A/W/S): Introduction to Statistical Methods: Precalculus
  • CEE 70 (W): Environmental Science and Technology

Creative Expression (CE) – (1 2-unit course OR 2 1-unit courses)

  • ARTSTUDI 173E (A/W/S): Cell Phone Photography
  • ENGLISH 90/91/92 (A/W/S): Creative Fiction; Creative Non-Fiction; Reading and Writing Poetry
  • DANCE 48 (A/W): Beginning Ballet
  • DANCE 58 (A): Beginning Hip-Hop Dance
  • TAPS 103 (A/W/S): Beginning Improvising
  • TAPS 124D (A/W/S): Acting For Non-Majors

Engaging Diversity (ED) – (1 course)

  • GERMAN 88 (S): Germany in 5 Words
  • FEMGEN 101 (S): Introduction to Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • RELIGST 31 (A): The Religious Life of Things

Ethical Reasoning (ER) – (1 course)

  • ENGR 131 (A): Ethical Issues in Engineering
  • SOC 8 (S): Sport, Competition and Society
  • EDUC 126A (S): Introduction to Public Service Leadership

Formal Reasoning (FR) – (1 course)

  • CS 101 (A): Introduction to Computing Principles
  • CS 105 (S): Introduction to Computers

Scientific Method and Analysis (SMA) – (2 courses)

  • BIO 30 (W): Ecology for Everyone
  • PSYC 83 (A): Addictions in Our World: From Physiology to Human Behavior
  • PSYC 135 (W): Sleep and Dreams

Social Inquiry (SI) – (2 courses)

  • BIOE 122 (W): Biosecurity and Bioterrorism Response
  • STS 1 (A/W/S): The Public Life of Science and Technology
  • CLASSICS 34 (W): Ancient Athletics
  • SOC 8 (S): Sport, Competition and Society
  • PSYCH 1 (A/W/S): Introduction to Psychology

Carta (and experience) has taught us that these classes don’t ask for a lot of your time, have promising grade distributions, or both! We wish you the best of luck in your WAYS-fulfilling endeavors.